Denon SC6000M Prime

Denon SC6000M Prime

Denon DJ SC6000M Prime Motorized USB Player

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Versatile Connectivity, Built-in Wi-Fi, and So Much More

The Denon DJ SC6000M Prime media player with motorized platter is ready to handle your music library no matter how it's stored, and offers a premium hands-on experience while doing so. Between its built-in hard drive bay, three USB ports, and support for SD card media, you can handle even multi-terabyte libraries with ease. Harmonic Mixing makes it simple to create ultra-musical DJ sets. Thanks to the SC6000M's dual-deck playback functionality, you can effectively use this media player as two decks in one. And for the ultimate club setup, you can connect up to four Denon DJ SC6000M media players to the Denon DJ X1850 Prime mixer digitally for integration with AV, video, and lighting effects. 

Built-in Wi-Fi and wired internet connectivity

Beyond its ample support for wired connections, the SC6000M Prime media player is ready for wireless music streaming with built-in Wi-Fi, and support for a wired internet connection too. Right out of the box the SC6000M Prime is ready for streaming from Tidal, and Denon DJ promises support for Beatport, Beatsource, and Soundcloud via free future updates.

Powered by Engine OS

Denon DJ developed the Engine OS platform to push the boundaries of existing DJ hardware, expanding your workflow options and delivering big creative potential. It pairs with the Engine Prime software on your desktop or laptop computer, a powerful tool for managing your music libraries. You'll be able to organize and categorize your music whether it's already integrated with iTunes, Rekordbox, Serato, or Traktor, or simply by dragging and dropping from existing music folders. You can set hot cues and loop regions ahead of time or on the fly, name and color-code them, and then export your music collection to USB, SD, or HDD for standalone use with the SC6000M Prime.

The most advanced motorized platter to date

The Denon DJ SC6000M Prime is equipped with a solid 8.5" motorized aluminum platter, complete with a "quick release" slipmat and a true vinyl feel. It's driven by a brushless DC motor which you can customize with a light/heavy torque range adjustment to fine tune its response. Whether you're a scratch DJ or simply enjoy the feel of vinyl under your fingertips, you'll be impressed with the feel and response of the SC6000M Prime media player.

Harmonic Mixing for highly musical set lists

Your audience may never know it, but arranging songs in your set by their harmonic structure makes for a better flow in the music. Instead of noting the key of every single song in your library, use the SC6000M Prime's Harmonic Mixing function to match and key-shift tracks in your library. Depending on your workflow, you can view the musical keys of your tracks in Camelot or in traditional modes.

Get the most out of your lossless audio files

If you want to bring audiophile sound quality to the party, then feel free to load up your drives with uncompressed formats such as WAV, FLAC, and ALAC. Running through your SC6000M Prime's 24-bit/96kHz converters, you'll get the sound quality you're looking for. DJs at Sweetwater know that live sound venues may soak up a lot of these details, but if you're creating mixes in the studio, then you're going to love the results when you connect your SC6000M Prime to your DAW via its USB output.

Structure your music library with Engine Prime

Let's circle back to browsing for a minute. Nothing makes finding the right track easier than putting it somewhere you can find it, and Denon DJ's Engine Prime librarian software takes care of that particular bit of heavy lifting. With Denon DJ's Engine Prime software, it's easy to snag music from your iTunes library or Serato collection, drop them into its advanced analysis engine and file structure, and have them almost entirely prepped and ready to go in a matter of seconds. And when you're deep into the mix and need to find an ideal next track, being able to search by category and multiple criteria straight from your SC6000M Prime seriously cuts down on browsing time.

Full Serato DJ integration for unparalleled performance capability

Thanks to advanced integration with industry-standard Serato DJ software, the SC6000M Prime media player offers a ton of performance potential. The SC6000M Prime's HD touchscreen becomes your window into Serato DJ Pro library navigation, with colored moving waveforms showing you track progress along with key track data. You'll be able to select and control any of Serato DJ Pro's four decks with the press of a button, and you'll have access to Serato DJ Pro Hot Cues, Loops, Slicer, Sampler Beat Jump, and other performance functions. From basic mixing functions to advanced performance techniques, the SC6000M Prime's full integration with Serato DJ Pro makes this duo feel as if they were made for each other.

Denon DJ SC6000M Prime DJ Media Player Features:

  • Professional media player for DJs, powered by Engine OS for compatibility with a wide range of audio formats
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and wired internet connection for easy music streaming
  • 8.5-inch motorized platter with torque adjustment for a true vinyl feel
  • Engine OS 1.6 offers full integration with Serato DJ Pro v2.4.6 (sold separately) for library navigation, deck select/control, performance functions, and more
  • Vivid 10.1-inch touchscreen makes navigation simple and efficient
  • 8 multicolor pads provide easy access to cueing, looping, rolling, and slicing functions
  • Built-in hard drive bay accommodates 2.5-inch drives for onboard storage (HDD sold separately)
  • Locking IEC connection locks your power cable in place
  • Widely acclaimed time stretching and musical key change/sync algorithms
  • Supports internal onboard analysis of your tracks, even Rekordbox collections
  • Dual-layer playback allows you to use it like 2 decks in 1, with independent analog/digital outputs
  • StagelinQ connection for integration with video and lighting effects
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