MXR EVH Flanger Pedal *Used *CPT


Classic Flanger with a Touch of Van Halen - secondhand 

SKU MXR EVH Flanger Pedal *Used

The MXR EVH 117 Flanger was born from another partnership between Dunlop and rock legend Eddie Van Halen, putting a new spin on classic tone! Delivering the sound that defined such Van Halen tunes as "Unchained," and "And the Cradle Will Rock," you can bring that signature tone into your setup, now with even more sonic options than the original! Boasting the same sweeping, whooshing magic you'd expect from MXR's classic flanger, the EVH 117 Flanger includes a special "EVH" switch, instantly calling up Eddie's sound on "Unchained," with the exact same Manual, Speed, Width, and Regeneration settings he used. Adorned with the signature stripes from Eddie's instantly recognizable Frankenstein guitar, you get epic tone from the MXR EVH 117 Flanger!

MXR EVH 117 Flanger Features:

  • Manual, Width, Speed, and Regeneration Knobs
  • EVH Switch activates exact settings Eddie used on "Unchained"
  • Original bucket brigade design for classic analog flanging
  • Die-cast housing with EVH-approved striped "Frankenstein" graphics
  • used unit, no warranty offered
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