PRS SE Santana Singlecut Trem (Egyptian Gold)

PRS SE Santana Singlecut Trem (Egyptian Gold)
The PRS SE Santana Singlecut Trem (Egyptian Gold) is an SE series electric guitar, based on Carlos Santana’s favourite instrument
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PRS SE Santana Singlecut Trem (Egyptian Gold)

The PRS SE Santana Singlecut Trem (Egyptian Gold) is a special issue electric Guitar inspired by Carlos Santanas’s long-time on-stage accomplice, the one-off gold leaf Private Stock PRS. This instrument is of the classic single-cut construction and finished in a beautiful glowing Egyptian Gold. A pair of PRS TCI “S” pick-ups are responsible for the excellent definition (the very same featured on the SE Paul’s Guitar), chosen by Carlos himself after being impressed by their tone. Additional features include the classic Santana/PRS combination of a 24.5” scale length, 24x frets, and a tremolo bridge (the SE Santana Singlecut Trem).

When I think of PRS I think of impeccable integrity! Right out of the case, the guitar looks and feels incredible, but for me it is about the sound, resonance, vibration that allows me to take flight with every note. The SE Santana Singlecut Trem has a range and universal tone that delivers with power and clarity, allowing you to find your own voice in your heart’s music. It is an honour to add this beautiful guitar to the PRS SE line that I helped start so many years ago. We invite you to spread your wings and find your voice with this beautiful instrument!” - Carlos Santana

The main features of the PRS SE Santana Singlecut Trem (Egyptian Gold) include:

  • 6-String Electric Guitar
  • Body: Mahogany
  • Neck: Mahogany
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood
  • Pick-Ups: 2x TCI “S” Treble & Bass
  • Tuners: PRS Design
  • Hardware: Nickel
  • Finish: Egyptian Gold

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